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A Collective Accomplishment


View of campus

Radford University Facilities Management gift

Radford University facilities management employees are treasured for their work ethic in making the campus one of the most beautiful in the Commonwealth and ensuring that RU’s buildings are the most energy efficient. This group is also treasured for its generous heart.

In 1986, an endowment was created when gifts from the employees in what was then called the Physical Plant reached $10,000. Now known as the Facilities Management Scholarship Fund, it reflects the commitment of RU staff members and friends to help students further their education at RU. Originally called the Physical Plant Scholarship, the fund stands as a testament to what can be accomplished through contributions of small amounts via payroll deduction or gifts.

Almost 300 donors have made over 1,200 gifts to build the Facilities Management Scholarship Fund to its current level. What began as a single annual award of $500 for the 1986-87 academic year, now awards financial support of more than $7,000 to students every year. Last year, three RU students from the local area received financial help from the fund’s endowment. Since the fund’s inception, these contributions and gifts from staff, friends, suppliers and contractors have now helped more than 60 students attend RU.

Like the beautiful RU campus and its solid infrastructure, this is another tangible proof of how individuals can accomplish collectively what they might be unable to accomplish alone.

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