Radford University Telephone Outreach Program

T.O.P. Mission Statement

To connect alumni, parents and friends with Radford University and cultivate a partnership with teh honored purpose of advancing higher education through philanthropy.

We are the student-led voice of the Radford Fund!

We are committed to cultivating meaningful relationships withour Highlander family including alumni, parents and friends of the university. We work to enhance the partnership between our Highlander family and Radford University in support of the university, its programs and its students through the Radford Fund. The Radford Fund provides vital, current-use dollars that make a difference today for the futures and lives of our students and solidified the timeless significance of our institutiion.



Our callers gain unique insights from our alumni and friends. They also earn skills in areas such as the ability to communicate with a diverse population, time management, marketing, sales and leadership. The T.O.P. maintains an effective balance between having fun and being successful as a team. Our callers gain real-world job experience that serves as a valuable enhancement for a well-rounded resume. If you are interested in becoming a student Annual Fund Caller, please click the button on the left to learn more and apply today!


SoRAD mission statement:

To cultivate a relationship between Radford University, its students, alumni, parents and friends, and the honored purpose of advancing higher education through philanthropy.

SoRad believes int he fundamental importance of philanthropy as it pertains to the progression of Radford University and higher education as a whole. More than 500 students contributed to the Radford Fund last year. These gifts trengthen RAdford University's ability to serve students, faculty and staff through scholarships, teaching innovations and updated technology. Our supporters help ensure that every gneration of Highlanders will share in the same xperiences and have the same opportunities.  We appreciate our donors. We work hard to educate our fellow students about the importance of philanthropy and to grow their relationship with our university.


  • diligently working to provide the university a sustainable financial platform from which to launch intitiatives that make a difference TODAY, for the lives and futures of Radford Univesity students; and initiatives that solidify the timeless significance of this institution and its many degree programs.

  • striving to give back to a university that has invested so much in so many students.

  • taking the initiative to educate our fellow students about the importance of giving forwrd to sustain and improve the first-class college experience at Radford University and to add value to their own Radford University education.


Your contribution of ANY amount to the Radford Fund can be designated to directly support the college or department of your choice!


For information on employment opportunities please email Crystal Hubbard at cdhubbar@Radford.edu. The Telephone Outreach Program and Ms. Hubbard’s office are located in room 226 of Martin Hall.