Word Festival

The CITL, along with campus and local K12 partners, piloted The Word Festival in fall 2016. The contest involves students making short, live-action videos (20 seconds or less) in which they express the meaning of a particular word to the viewer. The contest was held from Monday, October 17 to Friday, November 18, at 5pm. Words were derived from a list of several year's worth of the New York Times Word Of The Day, and definitions were derived and cited from Merriam-Webster OnlineCambridge Dictionary Online, or Dictionary.com

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:


FIRST PLACE - 'Wizardry' by Abbey Napolitano, Cadance Grenier, and Kira Rollins; and, 'Artifact' by Lydia Pratt, Cole Martin and Riley Larimer.
RUNNERS-UP - 'Levitate' by Dawson Martin and Eli Blackwell.
HONORABLE MENTION - 'Levitation' by Analisa Milburn, James Johnson and Thomas Wirt; 'Potion' by Ella Semple and Makeysa Grant; and, 'Agility' by Mason Murphy.


FIRST PLACE - 'Illusion' by Landon Roop.
RUNNERS-UP - 'Kleptomaniac' by Owen Saunders; and, 'Guffaw' by Makenzie Page and Geramiah Ashe.
HONORABLE MENTION - 'Assay' by Parker Vice; 'Braggart' by Jade Simpson and Makayla Lumpkins; and, 'Overwrought' by Landon Roop.


FIRST PLACE - 'Tranquility' by Devon Burton, Patrick Ferris and Sydney Tate.
RUNNERS-UP - 'Chaotic' by Alexa Canon, Jacara Turner, Jaycee Long, Lillie Price and Sam Granzetto; and, 'Evenhanded' by Logan Chrisinger.
HONORABLE MENTION - 'Guffaw' by Colin Travis; 'Rant' by Dylan Warnell; 'Carnivorous' (unavailable) by Jacob Berio, Tucker Farinhold, David Jenkins, Dominque Spruill and Logan Nordstrom; 'Utopia' by Madison Thomas, Claudia Larrea, Taisha Gavin-Collins, Tonita Parks and Meaghan Burton; 'Agility' by Matthew Howard, Jennifer Martinez and Jennifer Margraff; and, 'Quietude' by Meghan St. Ours, Molly Fleming, Logan Williams, Emmaleigh Norrell, Montana Blum, and Nia Johnson.

Guidelines and Examples

What -- and What Not -- To Do