Word Festival

The CITL, along with campus and local K12 partners, will be holding the seconda annual Word Festival vocabulary video competiion in fall 2017. The contest involves students making short, live-action videos (20 seconds or less) in which they express the meaning of a particular word to the viewer. The contest is tentatively scheduled to run Monday, September 19 to Friday, October 27, at 5pm. Words are derived from a list of several year's worth of the New York Times Word Of The Day, and (to be provided) definitions were derived and cited from Merriam-Webster OnlineCambridge Dictionary Online, or Dictionary.com

Guidelines and Examples

1. Videos must be no more than 20 seconds.
2. Video must be live-action (can have additional elements).
3. Each word must be displayed, pronounced and defined, and the part of speech given.
4. If there are several definitions, you may just use the first one.
5. Use your imagination. You can act the word out, dramatize it, use puppets, draw, sing a song, create a dance, write a skit, incorporate photographs, use claymation, stop-motion, or anything else that will help viewers understand and learn your word. 
6. Commercially produced media is not permitted.

The video below gives a rundown of how to make your video a success. And, below it are a handful of example word films.

What -- and What Not -- To Do