October Film Challenge

Watch the video below for the fourth challenge, starting Wednesday, 10/26, 5pm and ending Wednesday 11/2, 5pm!

The fourth and final challenge of the month!

Challenge Winners


Our judges made the comment while viewing the final week's challenges that there are definitely some up and coming filmmakers here, and that we hope to get some of them here at RU!

For the 'Title Sequence' challenge, first place went to Radford High School students Draven Mullins, Tyler Gravely, David Sheplak, and Andrew Phipps for Title Sequence: The Movie. Honorable mentions go out to Deprivation Opening, also from RHS, as well as Springhouse Community School's title sequence for their film The Forest. Check out all of week four's entries HERE.


For the 'scene remake' challenge, Josh Shine took first place for Radford University with his remake of the classic Hitchcock Eye Shot. Among high school entries, week three brought a first place tie! Congratulations to Carley Viers, Keely Carrow, Brittany Caldwell and Daijha Edmonds-Brown from Radford High School for their remake Miss.Dracula, and ALSO to Springhouse Community School for re-imaging a classic scene from the film Alien.

The judges also send honorable shout-outs to Charlie Brown, The Eye and Psycho and Psycho. Check out all of week three's fantastic entries HERE!


Congratulations to Charles Keller and Maddie Potter from Radford High School! Their film Deprivation was chosen as the best film in the high school category for the 'Silent Film With Zombies' challenge. For Radford University, the top honors go to Josh Shine for his challenge two entry.

Our judges would also like to give honorable mention to Zombie Instincts for its classic silent-style over-acting and humorous brevity, as well as timeliness and tongue-in-cheek humor of How Actual Zombies Are Formed. It was all-around fun group of films! View all 10 week two entries HERE.

Lastly, there was a late entry from Springhouse Community School called Zombie Chase that is lots of fun!


Congratulations to the winner of the week one 'origin story' challenge, The Forest by The Springhouse Community School Video Class. Well done!!

The judges also wish to give some honorable shout-outs to Radford High and Dalton Intermediate students for Willow Wood Lane, You May Be Hearing About ... and The Human Virus.

View all 15 week one entries HERE.

Details, Guidelines and Resources

Throughout the month of October, the CITL runs a series of short film challenges. Each week, a new challenge is issued and students have one week to make a 10-60 second film that fulfills the challenge.

Challenges can involve a certain subject, style, effect, narrative technique, etc. Each week there is a top award. All students participating for extra course credit will receive it as long as the submission satisfies the challenge requirements. 


1. You have one week to complete each challenge. Late entries will not be considered.
2. All video and photography must be the original work of the filmmaker(s).
3. You must have a title at the film’s beginning and closing credits at the end listing cast and crew.
4. Films must be between 10-60 seconds, not counting titles and credits
5. Use of commercial or copy-protected film or television footage is prohibited. 
6. Within the bounds of the challenge, filmmakers may use whatever production means, techniques, equipment, software, etc., at their disposal. 
7. Use of public-domain or open-license sound and music is permissible. Fair Use applies to copywritten music.


1 - First, films must first be uploaded to Vimeo (sign-up is free) or Dropbox (also free, make sure your video is publicly viewable).

2 - Second, contestants must then submit an ONLINE ENTRY FORM.

Alternatively, students may also submit films in-person to the CITL office (Walker Hall 275) by bringing their video file on a flash drive or portable hard drive for a copy to be made.

Please direct questions to: citl@radford.edu

Need equipment? McConnell Library has camcorders, DSLR cameras and tripods available for checkout.

Need guidance? Ask someone who knows. There is also a world of help on YouTube, Vimeo, Google, etc., and the CITL lab features access to the Lynda.com catalog. You can start with this GETTING STARTED video.