Ancient Greece WebQuest

Virginia History SOL 3.1
Dezarae Bertram, Tia Upton, Dana Kelley, Elinor Kern
Radford University Teacher Education


Have you ever wondered what the people were like, and what they did in Ancient Greece? How would you have behaved if you lived there? They are much different than you and I are today. Put on your tunic, and head off to Ancient Greece!


Your search will lead you to the above questions; you will even find out what a tunic is. Find a partner and go to the Web pages that are listed below. You will answer questions, do activities, and learn more about the people of Greece.


Be sure to notice what types of clothing the people wore and what children did for fun, as well as the daily life of the people. You might be asked questions about the clothing and children. Make sure that you work with your partner and that you both do an even amount of work.


Write the following eight questions on a piece of paper, then go to the Web sites listed below to find the answers.

Click on the daily life link at the bottom of the screen
Describe the different types of clothing for both men and women.
What two types of toys did children play with?
What three factors determined what you did each day?
Based upon YOUR OWN gender (male or female), what types of things could you have done if you lived in Ancient Greece?
What kind of jobs did the Greek man have?
Who was in charge in the Greek houses? Why would this surprise you? (Think about question four).
Who was allowed to attend school? How would this affect you if you lived in Ancient Greece?
What three things could slaves not do?


Cooperative effort
Questions answered correctly


The student should be able to explain the roles of the people of Ancient Greece, and some activities in their daily life. They will have a better understanding of the Ancient Greeks.

Culminating Activity

Go to the first Web site and click on the different links on the bottom of the page on the menu bar. Search for the games or activities. Try some out.