Treasure Hunt on Virginia Facts
Elementary History SOLs

Debby Reynolds
Roanoke County Schools
Roanoke, Virginia

Go to this Web site:

Look at the information on Virginia, and answer the following questions.  For easier use, print off this treasure hunt.

1.                  When did Virginia become a state?_______________

2.                  What is the abbreviation for Virginia?____________

3.                  What is the capital of Virginia?_________________

4.                  Is Richmond the largest city?__________________

5.                  Name 5 of the farm products grown in Virginia: ______________________________________

6.                  What kind of mining is done in Virginia?_____________

7.                  One of Virginia’s industries is lumber. What is done with the lumber then?_________________

8.                  Name five U.S. presidents that were born in Virginia and when they were born:






9.                 Name two major rivers found in Virginia:_________________________________________

10.      What is the highest point in Virginia?___________________________

11.             What states border the state? ________________________________________________

12.             What 2 bodies of water border Virginia? ________________________________________________________________________

13.             Virginia got its name from what queen?_____________________________________

14.             What is the state nickname?___________________________________

15.             What is the state motto and what does it  mean? ___________________________________________________________________

16.             What is Virginia’s state song? ________________________________________________________________________________

17.             What colors are in the flag of Virginia?__________________________________________

18.             Name the state bird.__________________________

19.             What is the Virginia state flower?________________

20.             What is the state insect?___________________ ____

21.             What is the state tree?________________________