Native Americans WebQuest

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Virginia History and Social Science 2.3
Sabrina Holden
Galax City Schools

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Have you ever wondered about the first people who lived in America?  They are known as Native Americans.  These people had different lifestyles than what you and I have today.  Let's go on a quest and learn some interesting facts about these people.

You are going to learn about Native Americans.   You will study different tribes and compare their ways of daily living, their homes, and their decorations.  Your teacher will place you in groups of four.   Each group will be assigned one tribe to research.  Use the Internet, encyclopedias, and the set of books from our classroom on Native Americans to answer the questions.

It will be easier to answer the questions in order.   You will need to choose one person to be the recorder and the other three to be the researchers.

The recorder will copy the questions and write the answers on the paper that I give you.

In what region of the United States did this tribe live?

What types of housing did this tribe live in?

How were their homes made?

What kinds of foods did they eat?

How did they get their food?

Draw and describe this tribe's artwork and decorations.

Internet Site

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Cooperative effort

At the end of this WebQuest, there should be an understanding of the different Native American tribes.  You should be able to compare the differences of the tribes.

Culminating Activity
Each group can build a home that will be like the home of your tribe.  Bring materials from home and feel free to ask the teacher for materials that you might need to complete your home.  Have fun!

Introduction | Task | Advice | Process
Internet Site | Evaluation | Conclusion | Culminating Activity

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