Magnets WebQuest

Virginia SOL Science 2.2 

Rebekah Metz, Terri Bowling, Mona Parsons, Bridgett Rose
Radford University Teacher Education

What is on almost everyone’s refrigerator?  A MAGNET! We are going to learn why the magnet stays and doesn’t fall off.  We will also learn what types of metals are attracted to magnets.

Watch a short video clip on magnets from the first Web site linked below. Then print off the activity sheet. Next, you will go to the next Web site and answer the following questions in your science journal notebook.

Pay attention to the video because it contains useful information. The video will help you do the activity sheet. The easiest way to answer the questions is to go in order. Don’t rush through, take your time and answer each question carefully. The site is interesting and has lots of good information, stay on task.

Watch the video then do the activity sheet. Next, answer the following questions in your science journal notebook.

What is a magnet?
What are the two poles named?
What is magnetite?
Are magnets attracted to cotton? Why or why not?
What is a magnetic field?
Can magnets come in different shapes?
Name one thing in your home that a magnet is attracted to, besides your refrigerator.
What color is magnetite?
Do similar poles attract or repel each other?
Does a compass use magnetic force?

Internet sites

Activity sheet from web site
Questions answered in science journal notebook

After researching this topic, you should be able to describe what a magnet is and some properties of magnets. You should also be able to describe objects that both attract and repel magnets.

Culminating Activity
You will get into groups of three and come to an investigation box. Each item is labeled with a number, your job is to predict whether or not the object will be attracted to a magnet or not. Record your results on an observation sheet your can obtain from your teacher.

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