Booker T. Washington WebQuest

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Virginia  History SOLs  2.11, 2.12
Karen M. Martin
Penn Forest Elementary School
Roanoke County Public Schools
Roanoke, Virginia

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Do you like to play with your friends, ride your bike, eat pizza, or read a favorite book?  These are things you do almost everyday.  In 1856, a child named Booker was born in a slave cabin on a Virginia plantation.  As he grew up, he was not allowed to do any of these things. 

Letís begin a quest to learn some interesting facts and information about this famous American. 


You are going to learn about Bookerís life after slavery ended.  Your teacher will give you an answer sheet to record your answers. 

Click on the highlighted Websites, read the information, and record your answers on the worksheet in complete sentences. 


Read carefully, quietly, and follow directions. 


        Write your name on the top of the worksheet.

        Click on the Internet site listed below this section.

        Read the story about Booker.

        Answer the seven questions in complete sentences.

1)  What state did Booker and his family move to after they left the plantation in Franklin County, VA?

2)    What two jobs did Booker have in West Virginia?

3)    Bookerís mother gave him a special gift.  What was it?

4) Booker was fortunate enough to be allowed to go to school.  He walked there from West Virginia.  Where was the new school?

5)    After Booker attended school, what did he become?

6)    Booker opened a new school.  What was the name of the new school?

7) If you lived when Booker did, what would be different about your life?  What would you miss? 

Internet Site,then click on Virtual Museum. 


You will be evaluated on the completion of the worksheet.  All answers need to be correct and in complete sentences.  You will be graded using the Computer Project Rubric.


After this research, you will have a better understanding of the life of Booker T. Washington. 


Visit these Websites to learn other information about Booker and extend your thinking.




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